Opening a French bank account is an important step not to be neglected!

As soon as you arrive in Perpignan, we recommend that you take this step, which will allow you to pay your bills (rent, insurance, electricity, telephone...). If you want to find a student job, you should know that your salary cannot be paid into a foreign account. The same applies to the reimbursement of your health care costs or to the CAF.

Find out what different banks offer: how much does the card cost? What are the charges for international transfers? Can you easily close the account at the end of your stay in France?

How do I open a bank account?
Only three documents are needed:
  • Your identity card
  • Proof of address
  • School certificate (or student card)
Opening an account entitles you to a bank card and a cheque book. Thanks to your RIB (bank account details) you can set up direct debits for your subscriptions (rent, transport, electricity, etc.) and make transfers.
Updated : June 22, 2023