Housing insurance

In France, it is compulsory to subscribe to a home insurance policy. As a tenant, you are responsible for any damage that may be caused to your accommodation during your tenancy. By taking out a "rental risks" home insurance policy, you will be insured against damage resulting from fire or water damage, for example.


Attention: Please note that a "rental risks" home insurance policy only covers damage to your accommodation or the building. Your belongings (furniture, computer, television, etc.) are not covered. You can therefore choose a multi-risk insurance policy if you want better coverage.

Most home insurance policies also cover your civil liability, "responsabilité civile" in French (this insurance covers you in the event of damage caused to others and is compulsory in order to enrol at university). So remember to check that this civil liability is included in your home insurance policy.

You can take out insurance with your bank or an insurer.

You will usually be asked to present your insurance certificate on the day you move in.

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Updated : June 22, 2023