Housing related procedures

Moving into a new home involves certain steps, both before and after moving in.

Finding a guarantor

In order to sign a tenancy agreement your landlord will ask you to have a guarantor(s). A guarantor is a person who will vouch for you and undertake to pay your rent if you have financial difficulties. In the vast majority of cases, landlords require the guarantor to live in France. If you have no family or close friends living in France and you are under 30 years old, you can apply for the VISALE scheme.

VISALE (Visa pour le Logement et l'Emploi) is a rental deposit granted by Action Logement.  It guarantees the payment of rent and rental charges to your landlord in the event of non-payment. Free of charge, it aims to facilitate your search for accommodation by insuring the landlord. To test your eligibility and to apply, go to the VISALE website.

If you are over 30 years old or if you are not eligible for VISALE, you can use the Unkle or Garantme scheme.
Please note: these schemes are not accepted for CROUS accommodation.

Water, electricity/gas

The opening of a water and electricity/gas meter must be done before or as soon as you move in. Once you have chosen a supplier, you only need to inform them of the date you moved in for the service to be set up.  Depending on the type of accommodation you live in, you do not necessarily have to take these steps.

  • In CROUS residence: You do not need to take out a contract with a supplier, the price of water and electricity consumption is included in your rent.
  • In private rented accommodation: your water and electricity/gas consumption costs can either be part of your rental charges (they are included in the rent) or be the subject of a contract with a service provider. So if these costs are not included in your rent, it is up to you to contact a service provider and sign a contract.
  • Home stay: The person you are living with will already have contracts with suppliers, so you will not have to do this. However, you will have to pay a fixed charge for electricity/gas and water. This should be stated in your tenancy agreement.
Updated : June 22, 2023